“There is no path to happiness; Happiness is the path.”

~ Buddha

People’s happiness is correlated with money up to $75,000 in a year. After that number, money doesn’t increase people’s happiness. So what does?

On vacation in India I had the opportunity to pause and reflect on this question. As I noticed how busy we all are and the rising stress in people around the world, I wondered what is it that we need to be happy? Living in a 24/7 connected world, we are working longer, even though earning a higher income is not going to increase our happiness. One could argue, it is the pursuit of creative opportunities and overcoming challenges at work that contributes to our happiness.

After some reflection and research, I came across these simple things we can do to live a happy life. Engaging in meaningful pursuits is an important factor that makes our lives fulfilling. However, we also need to take the other ten actions in order to live a happy life. All of these factors are supported by research published in peer reviewed journals.

As noted by the Buddha in the opening quote, each of these activities is not meant to take us to an end destination where our happiness lies. Rather, it is a way of living that will make the journey itself more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Which one do you need a reminder for in your life?

What would you add to the list?

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