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Pay What You Can Pricing

I follow a flexible pricing model to make mindfulness accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. My classes use the sliding scale “pay what you can” pricing. If you can, please pay more, as this helps to support those who are less able to pay. Thank you!

Please email me if you would like a scholarship. No one is refused because of monetary constraints. Please contact me if you would like to explore other possibilities for payment.

Classes Based on My Book, Return to Mindfulness: Disrupting Default Habits for Personal Fulfillment, Effective Leadership, and Global Impact 

Mindfulness 2.0

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What people are saying:


“I’ve worked with Shalini as her student in mindfulness classes since 2014. To say that she is an inspired, generous, compassionate and wise teacher would be the understatement of the year! Words fail to describe the gifts that Shalini has helped me nurture in my own life and those around me. I owe much of my spiritual, emotional and mental growth in the last 4 years to Shalini’s inspired teachings. Her ability to bring mindfulness and the tenets of Buddhism in a secular, thoughtful and science-grounded manner into our community is nothing short of miraculous. I am immensely appreciative, honored and privileged to have had the chance to work with her as long as I have. I will continue taking classes and learning from Shalini for as long as she is willing to teach me!”

~Shiri, CEO & Founder at AuCoDe


“Laurie and I found that committing to this practice as a couple was very important for us as we continue to learn and grow after 34 years together. Shalini has taught us so much about meditation, insight and skillful actions that we try to incorporate into our lives. We find that having someone close to practice with does help reinforce the many benefits of mindfulness. Laurie and I are grateful to have practiced with Shalini as she is a wonderful teacher and an equally nice person. Mindfulness is a permanent part of our lives now.”

~John, CFO at G.S. Precision, Inc


“Shalini has done The Work and is genuine as a teacher and facilitator. Her attention to class participants is extraordinary – listens, clarifies, inspires. She is masterful in her practical application of complex topics across a wide range of class/workshop participants. The Mindfulness program involves many layers of both Learning and Personal Development. Shalini has the grace and wisdom essential to teach this type of program.”

~Richard, Adult Learning Consultant


“I just finished a six session Executive Series at Downtown Mindfulness with Shalini Bahl. My health depended on learning meditation and stress reduction techniques. My life drastically improved from additional lessons Shalini taught me. I often and highly recommend Shalini to friends who are stressed out; who have an interest in self-improvement; and who’d appreciate that greater perspective translates into greater success. Shalini’s class benefited me most by implementing reminders in my daily life that make me more thoughtful about the potential impact on other people of my words and actions. People I work and socialize with have remarked that they recognize in me a greater calm since I became a student of Shalini’s. I’m grateful for the life-changing perspective she shared.”

~Cinda, President W.D. Cowls


“Wonderful meditations that are helping me to bring more mindfulness to my work, which is very stressful at the moment. I am able to be more relaxed and confident, bringing my natural curiosity outward and focusing less on the stress around all that I have to do. Thank you!”

~Michelle, Simple Habit User


“For several years the emotions of fear and anxiety towards building my business I thought were from myself. That I had failed and was incapable. My eyes were just opened!!! When I began my business I was all in and loving it. Someone I was working with disrupted that momentum and I became extremely distracted. I didn’t fail! I’m not incapable! I ALLOWED someone to make me feel that way and I believed it was ME! I am sobbing for the time I’ve lost but moving on now!”

~Wendy, Simple Habit User


“I think Shalini has an uncanny understanding of the human mind. How else could she identify the causes and effects of something seemingly obscure, like procrastination. Thank you Shalini.”

~Eileen, Simple Habit User