Real World Mindfulness Challenge


You know that saying, “life is what you make it”? Well, it’s true. The way we live our lives, moment to moment, is a result of the thoughts and habits that we’ve developed over time. If we want to live a fulfilling life, we need to learn how to change our thoughts and habits.

That’s where the Real World Mindfulness Challenge come in. In this 24-day live event, you’ll get to practice and play daily in community for twenty minutes. We will explore together how to disrupt our default patterns and live with empowered choice. You’ll learn the eight mindful habits to live, love, and lead with clarity and unconditional joy.

Join the Real-Life Mindfulness Challenge on Instagram live from May 8 to June 1, from 12:00 to 12:20 pm Eastern Time.

Sign up to be entered in a draw for three people to win a life-time access to the Return to Mindfulness deck of daily reminders and reflections to live, love, and lead from a place of clarity. This is the deck that is based on my upcoming book, Return to Mindfulness. We will draw the three people at the live event on May 8th and email the winners.

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Do you find it difficult to return to mindfulness in the middle of your everyday life?

We understand that staying present, connected, and open to possibilities can be a challenge, especially in the midst of a trying situation. But the good news is, you have the natural ability to be mindful! The only problem is that our default thinking habits often get in the way. Imagine if you could disrupt those habits and be mindful when it matters most. Imagine if you had a path to return to mindfulness no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

That’s where our Real-World Mindfulness Challenge comes in!

For 24 days, we invite you to commit to fifteen minutes of practice and play with the eight mindful habits that are essential to return to mindfulness—to see clearly and act intentionally—in the real world.

Each day, we will pick one card from the eight mindful habits in the Return to Mindfulness deck on We will guide you through a brief meditation followed by listening within and reflecting together on how we can integrate the insights into our day, so that we may begin each action and interaction with greater clarity, courage, and care. (You don’t need to buy the mindfulness deck to be able to practice with us, and of course if you did, you could continue to practice with the reminders on your own or with loved ones.)

Mindfulness doesn’t mean we have to be serious or perfect!

Join us to show up authentically for practice, play, and community as foster, together, eight mindful habits—awareness, compassion, curiosity, energy, appreciative joy, inner calm, focus, and equanimity. We will practice and play with each mindful habit for three days.


In case you can’t make it to all the live events, you can practice with the recordings or on your own. Just commit to 24 days of building the habit of returning to mindfulness in your everyday life, again and again. Let the joy of making small shifts in your day feed the momentum of fostering the eight mindfulness skills that overtime become your default habits and replace your old habits of reacting and rushing on autopilot.


Each card in this deck has been lovingly created by Dr. Shalini Bahl and Max Alaghband to meet you wherever you are on your journey.

Dr. Bahl brings her lifelong commitment to mindfulness backed by her trainings, award-winning research, and experience of teaching thousands of people around the world.

Max Alaghband brings his training and expertise in yoga and human-centered design, which informed the development, testing, and trying of this product.

Who Is This For?

This free Mindfulness Challenge is for anyone interested in deepening their practice in mindfulness to be able to return to it in the middle of everyday life.