Return to Mindfulness Introduction: 04/02/2024


Do you wish you had a roadmap to live and lead with more clarity, purpose, and impact?

You’re not alone. Our modern world is full of constant pressures that disconnect us from what matters most. In the rush of busy lives, it’s easy to get swept up in chasing temporary pleasures, making reactive choices, and feeling hopeless in the face of global challenges.

That’s where the Return to Mindfulness class comes in. In this introductory class, you’ll learn how our minds work on default and the skills to disrupt our default patterns and live with empowered choice.

The free class is also an opportunity to get acquainted with the framework to return to mindfulness in the real world based on my book, Return to Mindfulness: Disrupting Default Habits for Personal Fulfillment, Effective Leadership, and Global Impact.

Join the Return to Mindfulness Introduction on zoom from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.

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What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is our innate capacity to observe our experience—without rushing and reacting—that empowers us see clearly and make intentional choices that promote wellbeing for all involved.
However, we’re socialized to judge, rush, and react. Overtime, our conditioning takes over and we lose that connection with our ability to return to mindfulness in the middle of life.

Just meditation isn’t enough to disrupt our deeply ingrained habits.

What to Expect in this Class

At the free class for Return to Mindfulness you will explore and experience:
1. Your innate capcity to be mindful
2. How your mind works
3. The default habits that get in the way of being mindful in real life
4. The essential mindfulness skills to disrupt our default habits and help us return to our inner knowing, clarity, and connection
5. Mindfulness is more than meditation
6. How mindful habits can empower us to respond skillfully in criitical situations
You also have an opportunity
  • Meet the teacher and ask questions you may have about mindfulness
  • Find out the path that best supports your journey
  • Learn how you can continue to strengthen your capacity to be mindful in the real world with the 8-week Return to Mindfulness program.

Who Is This For?

This free Masterclass is for anyone interested in mindfulness or looking for secular practices to find more ease in their lives and it is recommended for people taking the eight week Return to Mindfulness course to attend the orientation class or would like to deepen their practice after taking an MBSR class.

About The Return to Mindfulness Course

The eight week Return to Mindfulness course is based on the book by the same name. It offers an opportuity to deepen your practice in the real world.

Through the following shifts in your mindset, you will develop a reliable and effortless approach to seeing clearly and aligning your actions with your intentions:

• Bring awareness when you find yourself automatically reacting.
• Seek to understand with compassion when you’re feeling judgy.
• Seek new information with curiosity when stuck in your echo chamber.
•Tap into mindful energy to take actions aligned with your goals, even when it’s uncomfortable to change old ways of thinking and acting.
• Choose appreciative joy over negativity.
• Let go of attachments to achieve inner calm.
• Focus on what is important when you feel distracted and overwhelmed.
• Respond in a balanced way with equanimity instead of biased impulsivity.:

Please check the calendar for upcoming Return to Mindfulness classes.