Return to Mindfulness: 8 Mindful Habits to Lead an Empowered Life: May 25, 2022


Please note that due to the need for social distancing, this program has been moved to an online platform using Zoom. You will need internet to participate using your phone or laptop. If you need help with Zoom, please email me and we can help you figure it out.

If you’d like a different financial plan or payment – please email me.

This eight-week course will meet once a week from 6:00 to 8:00 pm est, to explore meditations, foster insights, and practice skillful actions that will help you develop the eight qualities of the mind to find more fulfillment and thrive under all conditions. This program is based on the upcoming book and TEDx talk by Shalini Bahl-Milne, Ph.D. While the MBSR program taught by Shalini focuses on meditations to return to the field of non-judging awareness, Return to Mindfulness focuses on cultivating the right mindset that empowers us to listen deeply, see clearly, and act intentionally, especially in situations that matter.


This program is now offered with lifetime access to the online program to Reset Your Mind. The online program, which comes with a companion smartphone app via Teachable, includes over 35 audio guided meditations along with tips and prompts to develop insight and take mindful actions.

Have you taken the mindfulness quiz to know your mind?

Did you know 95% of your decisions are made unconsciously?*

In the absence of awareness, our unconscious minds dictate our thoughts, feelings, and behavior based on past conditioning. By developing the eight mindfulness qualities through this program, you can reset your mind, break through habitual patterns, and make choices that are good for you, the people around you, and the world. In a fast-changing environment, these qualities of the mind are essential to thrive. They will not only change the way you work, but also your approach to personal fulfillment and developing and maintaining strong relationships.

I am Shalini Bahl, PhD, and I have created this program after thousands of hours of mindfulness practice and experience as a researcher and teacher. I have learned from some of the best practitioners and doctors in mindfulness, reviewed the latest research in neuroscience and psychology, and searched for the most effective ways to integrate mindfulness into how we live, love, learn, and lead. Please read on to see how this program could benefit you. Thank you for your interest in the Mindfulness 2.0 program!

*The Unbearable Automaticity of Being, 1999

This program is for you if:

  • You are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.
  • You would like to cultivate the skills to navigate change and challenges with ease, clarity, and creativity.
  • You have been practicing mindfulness but feel stuck in habitual patterns of reactivity.
  • You would like more energy and joy in your life.
  • You would like to be able to integrate mindfulness into everyday life.
  • You took the mindfulness quiz and would like to cultivate the eight mindfulness skills.
  • You have been meditating but feel that something is missing in your practice.
  • You want to continue to deepen your experience and practice of mindfulness.

In this course, you will:

  1. Systematically cultivate eight qualities of the mind essential to living with fulfillment, control, creativity, and joy.
  2. Learn the nuances of mindfulness and meditation.
  3. Cultivate insights that allow you to reset your patterns of thinking and reacting.
  4. Take daily actions that slowly change habits that don’t serve you.
  5. Be part of a community of people motivated to live mindfully.
  6. Have access to a teacher with fifteen years of experience as a practitioner, a mindfulness researcher, and certified mindfulness teacher with training from some of the best teachers and institutions in the US.
  7. Receive access to high-quality audio guidance for daily meditations on your computer or smartphone via the Teachable App, with over 35 total meditations and at least two options for each meditation: a 10 minute practice and a 30 to 40 minute practice, allowing you to maintain the consistency of meditating even if you are busy.

How is this program different from other mindfulness programs?

  • More Than Awareness: This program breaks mindfulness down into eight qualities of the mind that you will be systematically developing. Mindfulness is more than just stress-reduction, awareness, and focus. For example, you will be developing qualities such as energy, appreciative joy, and balance, which are not typically emphasized in other mindfulness programs.
  • More Than Meditation: This program is more than daily meditation. Real change happens when we also cultivate insight to see the bigger picture and consequences of our actions, while also using these insights to change our behavior and act more skillfully.
  • Daily Reminders: You will receive daily reminders by email with daily meditations, tips and prompts for cultivating insight and thinking, speaking, and acting more skillfully.
  • A Secular Program: If you have already taken the popular Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program and would like to continue to deepen your understanding and integration of mindfulness in a secular way, this program allows you to do that.
  • Combining Wisdom In Mindfulness With Science: This program is grounded in teachings from original mindfulness texts backed by research in neuroscience, psychology, and management. Read my published and award winning research here.
  • Practice Anytime, Anywhere: You will receive daily emails with guided meditations, reflection prompts, and tips. You can practice mindfulness anytime, anywhere. The companion Teachable App for your smartphone gives you access to this entire course in an organized, day-by-day layout with all of the meditations, prompts, and tips included right in the app itself.
  • Daily Actions: The focus of this program is to take small steps and make tangible progress each day by encouraging you to think and take actions that are more productive, positive, and aligned with your goals. This will energize and motivate you to keep practicing.
  • A teacher with the highest level of mindfulness certifications and more than 15 years of experience: I have studied, practiced, researched, and taught mindfulness for many years. I have learned from some of the best teachers and institutions in the US, including the Center for Mindfulness at UMass Medical School and The Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (which created the mindfulness-based emotional intelligence program at Google).

Course Curriculum

Week 1 – Awareness: Becoming Masterful at Observation

Week 2 – Compassion: The Courage to Be with What Is

Week 3 – Curiosity: Being Open and Patient, In The Middle of It All

Week 4 – Energy: Chop Wood, Carry Water

Week 5 – Appreciative Joy: A Foundation for Fulfilling Goals

Week 6 – Inner Calm: Stop and Ask the Horse

Week 7 – Focus: Discerning Which Wolf to Feed

Week 8: Balance: The Mountain and The Bamboo

Silent Retreat on Saturday, July 16, 2022 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

What people are saying:

“I’ve worked with Shalini as her student in mindfulness classes since 2014. To say that she is an inspired, generous, compassionate and wise teacher would be the understatement of the year! Words fail to describe the gifts that Shalini has helped me nurture in my own life and those around me. I owe much of my spiritual, emotional and mental growth in the last 4 years to Shalini’s inspired teachings. Her ability to bring mindfulness and the tenets of Buddhism in a secular, thoughtful and science-grounded manner into our community is nothing short of miraculous. I am immensely appreciative, honored and privileged to have had the chance to work with her as long as I have. I will continue taking classes and learning from Shalini for as long as she is willing to teach me!

~Shiri, CEO & Founder at AuCoDe

“Laurie and I found that committing to this practice as a couple was very important for us as we continue to learn and grow after 34 years together. Shalini has taught us so much about meditation, insight and skillful actions that we try to incorporate into our lives. We find that having someone close to practice with does help reinforce the many benefits of mindfulness. Laurie and I are grateful to have practiced with Shalini as she is a wonderful teacher and an equally nice person. Mindfulness is a permanent part of our lives now.”

~John, CFO at G.S. Precision, Inc

Shalini has done The Work and is genuine as a teacher and facilitator. Her attention to class participants is extraordinary – listens, clarifies, inspires. She is masterful in her practical application of complex topics across a wide range of class/workshop participants. The Mindfulness program involves many layers of both Learning and Personal Development. Shalini has the grace and wisdom essential to teach this type of program.”

~Richard, Adult Learning Consultant

“I just finished a six session Executive Series at Downtown Mindfulness with Shalini Bahl. My health depended on learning meditation and stress reduction techniques. My life drastically improved from additional lessons Shalini taught me. I often and highly recommend Shalini to friends who are stressed out; who have an interest in self-improvement; and who’d appreciate that greater perspective translates into greater success. Shalini’s class benefited me most by implementing reminders in my daily life that make me more thoughtful about the potential impact on other people of my words and actions. People I work and socialize with have remarked that they recognize in me a greater calm since I became a student of Shalini’s. I’m grateful for the life-changing perspective she shared.”

~Cinda, President W.D. Cowls

“Wonderful meditations that are helping me to bring more mindfulness to my work which is very stressful at the moment. I am able to be more relaxed and confident, bringing my natural curiosity outward and focusing less on the stress around all that I have to do. Thank you!”

~Michelle, Simple Habit User

“For several years the emotions of fear and anxiety towards building my business I thought were from myself. That I had failed and was incapable. My eyes were just opened!!! When I began my business I was all in and loving it. Someone I was working with disrupted that momentum and I became extremely distracted. I didn’t fail! I’m not incapable! I ALLOWED someone to make me feel that way and I believed it was ME! I am sobbing for the time I’ve lost but moving on now!”

~Wendy, Simple Habit User

“I think Shalini has an uncanny understanding of the human mind. How else could she identify the causes and effects of something seemingly obscure, like procrastination. Thank you Shalini.”

~Eileen, Simple Habit User

How Did I Come Up With This Framework?

I can cite our award winning research paper that first acknowledged the transformative potential of mindfulness. This research paper highlighted the importance of going beyond meditation to cultivate the space for insight, which weakens our habitual patterns and creates opportunity to make better choices. In my next project – a book chapter on the Paradoxes of Teaching Mindfulness in BusinessI went further to explore the importance of not just meditation and insight, but also actively developing skillful habits – thoughts, speech, and actions that enhance the long-term well-being of all involved.

While my own publications in business and education and others’ research in neuroscience give credibility to this mindfulness-based framework, it is really the thousand of hours of meditation practice, learning from some of the best teachers including Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, Joseph Goldstein, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Mirabai Bush, Mark Coleman, Tyohar, and Arthur Zajonc, and my professional training from some of the best mindfulness institutions in the US that have helped me get here.

I also want to acknowledge the role models in my life including my father and grandmother who have lived mindfully without knowing the word mindfulness.

Course Fee

I offer a flexible pricing model that makes this program accessible to all and trusts in the generosity of people to pay what they can afford.

Choose $400 or $600 or $750 using the sliding scale “pay what you can” pricing. If you can, please pay more to help support those who are less able to pay. Thank you. And if you can’t afford any of these options, please email me and we can work something out.

Mindfulness 2.0 for Students

Current full-time students without income may take this course for $200.

Please pay the fee using the link above to reserve a spot for the upcoming class. If you are unable to pay the fee and would like to take this class, please email I will work with you to find a way to take the class.

Refund Policy

If you ask for refund two weeks before class starts, $50 will be deducted from your refund as an administrative fee.

If you ask for refund one week before class starts, $100 will be deducted from your refund as an administrative fee.

If you can’t continue with the classes for any reason, you can take a new class and will be given $100 discount. However, you will be required to register again and pay the commitment fee minus $100. Again, in case you need financial assistance to recommit, please email me. No one is turned down for financial reasons as long as the commitment is there to attend at least six out of the eight classes.