September 8, 2016 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Downtown Mindfulness
67 North Pleasant Street
Amherst, MA 01002
$200 for Students | $350 for Non-Students

Please note that we will not meet Thursday, September 15th due to the Amherst Block Party. Instead, the class will end a week later than usual.

Sunday, October 23th is the Silence Retreat from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm

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Mindfulness, A Way of Living Skillfully

Mindfulness is a practice & way of being fully present & alive to each moment with kindness & curiosity
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About The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR)

MBSR was developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn in 1979 at the UMass Medical School to help people learn to relate to whatever is happening in their lives with ease, compassion, & clarity. Since then more than 100 academic studies have examined the physiological, psychological, and inter-relational benefits of mindfulness. There is much evidence to show the structural and functional changes in the brain that take place after this eight-week program for better focus, problem solving, and empathy among other benefits in the participants. For more information about the MBSR benefits click here.

MBSR is Not

  • Relaxation, although you may start living with more ease
  • Religious, although it could deepen your relationship with your religion
  • Positive thinking, although you may start noticing all the positive things in your life

This Course Includes

View the [iframely]http://content.yudu.com/Library/A31678/MindfulnessHandbook/resources/index.htm?referrerUrl=[/iframely]

  • This course is an educational program based on experiential learning in a safe environment. It includes:
  • Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices
  • Gentle stretching & mindful movement
  • Group dialogue & discussions aimed at enhancing awareness in everyday life
  • A small dose of multimedia to support learning
  • Daily home assignments
  • Downloadable audio instructions & a home practice manual
  • A day of retreat (see above for Silence retreat date)
  • Ongoing support in private group in MindfulUniverse.com
  • Ongoing support at Downtown Mindfulness including bi-monthly group meditations.

About The Facilitator

Shalini Bahl has been practicing meditation for fifteen years & got her professional training to teach MBSR including the Practicum, Teacher Development Intensive, & MBSR In Mind-Body Medicine at the Center for Mindfulness, UMass Medical School. She is also a Certified teacher of Search Inside Yourself, a mindfulness-based emotional intelligence program that was developed at Google.
Shalini has a PhD in marketing and continues to research and publish on topics related to expanding the potential of mindfulness to enhance consumer, societal and environmental well being. She has taught MBSR & mindfulness programs to diverse groups including MBAs & corporate clients. You can learn more about her here.

Free Introduction Classes

If you are curious about the MBSR program or would like to explore if this is the right program for you at this time, please attend one of the free intro classes on August 18th or September 1st. Please click here to register for the free intro class or email Shalini@RemindingProject.com if you can’t make it for the intro class but would like to take the 8-week class starting on Sep. 8th.

People taking the MBSR program are required to attend one introduction class or go over the program with me. If you are interested or have questions about this program or other forthcoming programs please contact shalini@remindingproject.com.

Course Fee

We have a flexible pricing model that makes this program accessible to all and trusts in the generosity of people to pay what they can afford. We ask for a commitment fee of $350 for non-students and $200 for students to be paid on registration in order to reserve a spot in the class. At the end of 8 weeks, participants are invited to reflect on benefits received and make an additional payment, if they like, based on their ability to pay. The sliding scale for the MBSR classes in this area vary from $350 to $725.

Please pay Commitment Fee using the link above to reserve a spot for the upcoming class. If you are unable to pay the commitment fee and would like to take this class, please email shalini@remindingproject.com. No one is ever refused this class because of financial constraints.

Parking & Location

Please note that these classes are taking place at Downtown Mindfulness, 67 North Pleasant Street in Amherst, next to Starbucks and above Monkey Bar Bistro. There is street parking, which is free after 6:00 pm; parking behind CVS on the opposite side of the road and the Amherst public parking garage behind this office that is free after 8:00 pm.
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What Our Clients Say

[minti_testimonialslider testimonial_1=”I just finished a six session executive series at Downtown Mindfulness with Shalini Bahl. I wanted to learn meditation and stress reduction techniques and she taught me so much more about opportunities to take in the world and embrace opportunities. I highly recommend Shalini and Downtown Mindfulness classes to anyone with an interest in self improvement and greater perspective.” author_1=”Cinda Jones, President, W.D. Cowls Inc., Land Company” testimonial_2=”Shalini led a great workshop that taught mindfulness practices to reduce stress and increase happiness and efficiency. This method is well researched and was recently on the cover of Time Magazine. Shalini is a very kind and caring teacher and comes with significant experience both in mindfulness and in business.” author_2=”Sanjay Nawalkha, Professor and Chair, Finance Department of Business School” testimonial_3=”Shalini has combined a dynamic curriculum with practical application to make her Mindfulness Based Personal Branding class an absolute stand out amongst MBA classes as well as a must take for the business professional.” author_3=”Michael Salwen, Finance Director, LEGO USA” testimonial_4=”I cannot begin to express my gratitude for what you have done for the members of our Health and Wellness program. The Mindfulness and Meditation component that you developed for us and helped us integrate into our program has quickly become the foundation of our program. It has truly changed lives! Our members have reduced the stresses of daily life, are happier, more focused, and are getting more enjoyment from life. Here is an excerpt from a letter from one of our members: `I did not realize the extent of the stress I was feeling and the effects it was having on my health until it was gone. I was churning up inside. My mind never rested; I was busy worrying about everything… past, present, and future. I was never unplugged from the constant barrage of interruptions technology brings. Now I am in the present, relaxed and content. The Mindfulness and Meditation presented in this program has truly saved my life.` Thank you Shalini for your patience, compassion and intelligence.” author_4=”Bob Jacobs, Founder, Mind First Health & Fitness” testimonial_5=”Shalini presented to over 500 educators for us and not only kept them captivated for an entire day, she inspired, brought joy, artfully and tactfully rolled with technology difficulties and was an absolute delight. Her diligence and care before the presentation in working with us was the best I’ve ever experienced. She truly wanted to make this work for us and our (large!) team and delivered beyond expectations. Thank you Shalini for giving us a day that we won’t forget!” author_5=”Meghan Crowe, Director of Research and Development, Little Sprouts” testimonial_6=”The first time I had Shalini as an instructor was at a Mindfulness and Leadership class at UMass. To be honest I didn’t know much about mindfulness and had almost no experience at practicing mindfulness. Shalini brought just the right amount of mindfulness practice into the class. I understood the mindfulness practices but didn’t feel as though I was in the intensive 8 week mindfulness class. Shalini explained how each of the mindfulness techniques impact our leadership abilities and are expressed through our actions as leaders. I especially benefited from the activities that we did in class. Through the activities I got a chance to experience first hand how mindfulness can impact my experience and effectiveness as a leader. The class was not your typical course where you read about how to do something. We actually practiced the mindfulness techniques, and then we connected those practices to leadership skills such as speaking to a group. We got to see the difference in our leadership abilities when we were `just going through the motions` and when we were truly present in the moment. It was amazing to see how much more inspiring and effective everyone was when they were mindful and present.Finally I want to emphasize the role that Shalini played in this course. While she was the instructor and lead us through the meditations and activities, she was, and did, so much more than that. I felt like I truly connected with her. She was a fun and energetic instructor, she brought a lightness to the course. More importantly, Shalini made me feel like I was the only person in the room when we were speaking. She truly cares to help others and that made the class feel like a personalized experience. She is the reason that this class was so effective.” author_6=”Jessica Osgood, PhD Student in Accounting at Isenberg School of Management”]

How to be mindful in the real world

Mindfulness is a super power that empowers us to see clearly and act intentionally . 

Join me to receive insights and disoveries to be mindful in politics, work, relationships, and in the community

Thank you for your interest in mindfulness!