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Evidence-Based Programs to Thrive in The Classroom & Beyond

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All trainings are customized to address the unique students’ or educators’ development goals, challenges, and learning culture. Look at some of the popular trainings and contact me to explore how your students or your organization can benefit from the process of utilizing the three mindfulness trainings. 

For Students

Mindful Leadership: Transformative Technologies for Being the Change

In a world that is rapidly changing and filled with uncertainty, we continue to make decisions based on mental models are outdated and habitual. This 7-week training is for students to gain self mastery and lead with wisdom and compassion. Some of the topics and skills-development included in this program are:

  • Introduction to mindfulness and mindful leadership
  • Automaticity and wholesome habits
  • Managing the stress of leading
  • Developing decision-making skills
  • Cultivating compassion
  • Communication with insight
  • Leading oneself and others with resilience


Failure & Self-Awareness

One skill that is really needed and not stressed enough is knowing how to fail. How we explain our failure determines our success. Since success and failure are emotional experiences, gaining emotional awareness is an important aspect of this training. Some of the topics and skills-development included in this program are:

  • Facts about failure
  • Emotional awareness
  • Cognitive awareness
  • How to cultivate awareness with mindfulness
  • Gender gap in confidence
  • Failure-tolerant leadership
  • Create a personal resilience plan

I love creating healing and dynamic spaces for people can flourish within. I will work with you to create the right kind of retreat environment for your people.

Resilience: Essential Mindfulness Skills to Thrive in Change

The ability to recover from difficulties and think clearly in rapidly changing environments is an essential skill not only in school but also in life. Change is inevitable. Adapting to change requires a flexible mindset that can be developed. In this program students will learn skills to:

  • Cultivate awareness with mindfulness
  • Avoid burn out
  • Develop healthy habits for inner calm on an ongoing basis
  • Develop emotional resilience
  • Develop cognitive resilience
  • Communicate with authenticity and confidence
  • Tackle difficult situations with awareness and agility
  • Develop a personal resilience plan

For Educators

Coming to Our Senses: How Contemplative Education Can Transform Our Classrooms, Students, & The World

In this key-note, college professors are exposed to contemplative pedagogy and integration strategies in their classrooms. Some of the topics and activities included are:

  • Meaning and purpose of contemplative pedagogy – Focus, Contemplation of course content, Compassion and connection, and Self-inquiry and Awareness
  • Benefits – Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Self-Confidence, Creativity, Stress-Management, Well-Being, Better communication skills, & Engagement
  • Contemplative strategies with examples
  • A mindfulness tool kit for educators
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Meeting potential challenges in adopting contemplative pedagogy
  • Small group brainstorming for applications and challenges

Compassionate Leadership in The Classroom & Beyond: Mindfulness for Early Educators

In this day-long retreat early educators are exposed to mindfulness and its integration for self-care, self-regulation, empathy, and compassionate leadership. The retreat includes breaks for mindful eating, walking in nature, and other mindful movement opportunities such as zumba or yoga, based on teachers’ preferences. Some of the topics and activities included are:

  • Meaning and benefits of mindfulness
  • Mindfulness practices and strategies for self-Care
  • Mindfulness practices and strategies for self-regulation
  • Empathy meaning and practices
  • Compassionate leadership meaning and exercises
  • Group brainstorming for personal plan and integration in school

Search Inside Yourself

Search Inside Yourself (SIY), a mindfulness-based leadership initiative that started at Google has spread to over 100 cities around the world. SIY is right for your organization if you want your people to learns skills to:

  • Improve communication and collaboration.
  • Be effective leaders.
  • Improve decision-making and creativity.
  • Reduce stress and experience overall well-being.

In an SIY program, you can expect to learn:

  • Mindfulness
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Regulation
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Leadership Skills

Essential Mindfulness Skills to Thrive in Schools

This is a prototype for introducing mindfulness to high school teachers with high stress and little time to learn mindfulness-based skills in self-care, managing emotions, decision-making, empathy, self-compassion, and mindful communication. This program can be taught over 5 weeks, bi-weekly over ten weeks, or monthly over 5 months. The modules for this program include:

  • Introduction: 3 Mindfulness Trainings to Thrive in the Classroom & Beyond
  • Self-Care: Developing Self-Care Habits for Inner Calm, Clarity, & Energy
  • Self-Management: Managing Emotions & Decision-Making
  • Compassion: Befriending The Inner Critic & Compassion for Others
  • Mindful Communication: Deep Listening, Mindful Speech, & Navigating Difficult Conversations


Mindfulness Mentoring

Mindfulness mentoring provides a safe space for educators to cultivate essential mindfulness skills for continued growth in self-awareness, well-being, and leadership capacity. Mindfulness mentoring can be beneficial if you would like to create a space for:

  • Radical self-inquiry to clarify your intentions, goals, and potential.
  • Challenging your thinking so your unproductive thinking patterns can be changed to more skillful and creative processes.
  • Developing mindfulness practices and strategies to develop inner calm and clarity on demand.
  • Developing skills for seeing the bigger picture and available opportunities.
  • For thinking through the consequences of important decisions.
  • Gaining awareness of your default ways of relating and reacting to be more mindful in relationships.
  • Continued development of your potential as a conscious and effective educator.
  • Gaining clarity on an important issue.
  • A confidential sounding board.
  • Learning how to incorporate a contemplative curriculum in the classroom.

Mentoring sessions are available on skype or in person, depending upon geographic location. The frequency and training is tailored to meet your goals.

What My Clients Say

"Shalini presented to over 500 educators for us and not only kept them captive for an entire day, she inspired, brought joy, artfully and tactfully rolled with technology difficulties and was an absolute delight. Her diligence and care before the presentation in working with us was the best I've ever experienced. She truly wanted to make this work for us and our (large!) team and delivered beyond expectations."

Meghan, Director of Professional Development

"Shalini has combined a dynamic curriculum with practical application to make her Mindfulness Based Personal Branding class an absolute stand out amongst MBA classes as well as a must take for the business professional."

Michael, Finance Director

"In the spring of 2015 I had the great pleasure to participate in a Mindfulness, Meditation and Leadership Training course that Shalini offered at UMass-Amherst. It came as such an opportune time for me. I had begun my final semester of graduate school and just six months earlier I had resumed a practice in mindful meditation that had become dormant. Revitalized by my renewed commitment and the sheer joy I was experiencing I wondered what impact, if any, would it have on my work as a theater director. This seed of thought blossomed into my MFA thesis on Mindful Theatremaking. Without a doubt, the skills I learned and developed from the Mindfulness, Meditation and Leadership Training course were instrumental in my success. Collaborations deepened between my fellow artists and me. We became better aware of the language we used and how mindfully we spoke and listened to one another, it was incredibly life enhancing. Experiencing that Training course truly changed and transformed my life for the better, not only as an artist and theatre instructor but as a human being as well. Shalini Bahl is open, enthusiastic, humorous, joyful and generous. The passion for what she does and shares with our community is without measure."

Glenn, UMass Art director and producer

"The course offers innovative yet practical tools and techniques building skills in mindfulness and personal branding. It has had a positive impact on me personally and professionally, improving my ability to make decisions with enhanced clarity, thoughtfulness, and awareness, attaining positive outcomes. The course has also given me the opportunity to develop and promote my personal brand showcasing a strong sense of purpose and unique positioning. Without a doubt, I’ve gained an advantage in realizing my career and life goals with what I’ve learned. It’s an excellent course to add to your portfolio."

Michael, Learning Consultant

"Shalini has done The Work and is genuine as a teacher and facilitator. Her attention to class participants is extraordinary - listens, clarifies, inspires. She is masterful in her practical application of complex topics across a wide range of class/workshop participants. The Mindfulness program involves many layers of both Learning and Personal Development. Shalini has the grace and wisdom essential to teach this type of program."

Richard, Adult Learning Consultant

"We got to see the difference in our leadership abilities when we were "just going through the motions" and when we were truly present in the moment. It was amazing to see how much more inspiring and effective everyone was when they were mindful and present."

Jessica, Accounting professor

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