Transform the way you live, work, and learn.

Discover the trainings to know your mind and make decisions that are good for you, your organization, and the world.

Transform the way you live, work, and learn.

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Evidence-Based Programs for Mindful Change

Learn evidence-based mindfulness practices for inner calm, compassion, and clarity in fast-changing environments. My mission is to make mindfulness widely accessible and applicable to create thriving communities, workplaces, and educational institutions.

The three mindfulness trainings combine ancient wisdom with neuroscience of change and emotional intelligence to give you the agency to know your mind and transform your world.

Find the training that works for you or your organization

Downtown Mindfulness


Educational Institutions

Shalini Bahl, Ph.D

Learning designed to meet you where you are.

Shalini Bahl, Ph.D.

Mindfulness Educator, Researcher, & Consultant

My diverse educational, cultural, and professional experiences with fifteen years of research and practice in self-awareness and mindfulness give me the flexibility to work with different populations. Start where you are!

Downtown Mindfulness

If you live in Western Mass, you can learn mindfulness with me in a nurturing environment in the heart of downtown Amherst. Explore mindfulness for free or join 8-week classes to learn essential mindfulness skills, know your mind, and thrive.

Organizational Learning & Development

Bring mindfulness-based learning to your business or non-profit. I will work with you to understand your organizational needs and culture in order to create a program that engages and addresses the needs of your people. This learning can take place at your location, Downtown Mindfulness or online

Educational Institutions

Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker for your conference or want to bring mindfulness to your classrooms, I will work with you to understand your students and learning goals in order to design an experientially engaging program. Before introducing mindfulness to students, it is advisable to make the faculty, staff, and leadership familiar with the practices and benefits.

Mindfulness Mentoring

While learning in groups offers many benefits, some people learn better one-on-one. This is another way to continue to work with me to deepen your practice. With this offering I can customize the training to address your individual needs and goals. This option gives you the flexibility to work with me from anywhere in the world at a time that works for you.

Organizations I’ve Worked With

What My Clients Say

"Shalini presented to over 500 educators for us and not only kept them captive for an entire day, she inspired, brought joy, artfully and tactfully rolled with technology difficulties and was an absolute delight. Her diligence and care before the presentation in working with us was the best I've ever experienced. She truly wanted to make this work for us and our (large!) team and delivered beyond expectations."

Meghan, Director of Professional Development

"Shalini has done The Work and is genuine as a teacher and facilitator. Her attention to class participants is extraordinary - listens, clarifies, inspires. She is masterful in her practical application of complex topics across a wide range of class/workshop participants. The Mindfulness program involves many layers of both Learning and Personal Development. Shalini has the grace and wisdom essential to teach this type of program."

Richard, Adult Learning Consultant

"We got to see the difference in our leadership abilities when we were "just going through the motions" and when we were truly present in the moment. It was amazing to see how much more inspiring and effective everyone was when they were mindful and present."

Jessica, Accounting professor

"Shalini has combined a dynamic curriculum with practical application to make her Mindfulness Based Personal Branding class an absolute stand out amongst MBA classes as well as a must take for the business professional."

Michael, Finance Director

“I just finished a six session Executive Series at Downtown Mindfulness with Shalini Bahl. My health depended on learning meditation and stress reduction techniques. My life drastically improved from additional lessons Shalini taught me. I often and highly recommend Shalini to friends who are stressed out; who have an interest in self-improvement; and who’d appreciate that greater perspective translates into greater success. Shalini’s class benefited me most by implementing reminders in my daily life that make me more thoughtful about the potential impact on other people of my words and actions. People I work and socialize with have remarked that they recognize in me a greater calm since I became a student of Shalini’s. I’m grateful for the life-changing perspective she shared.”

Cinda, President

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